tisdag 31 augusti 2010

A pleasant surprise

After a satisfying meal consisting of oven-made chicken i decided to try out Nils Oscar's Rökporter which i got yesterday.

The Rökporter was the bronze winner in the 2008 World Beer Cup category Smoke Flavored Beers!

The cap caught my attention.. pretty slick.

And what a crown! Smell-wise I'm getting a lot of smoky vibes - it actually smells like smoked bacon! And bacon's always good, right?

Tastewise it's a killer, as per usual when dealing with porters I'm getting dark chocolate and tar-y associations - although the coffee tones are subtle if nonexistant.
I'm no expert but what I can say is the taste combined with the smoky scent makes for a killer porter - highly recommended!

Stay dark, over and out.

måndag 30 augusti 2010

New day.. more brew

Here's what I've been up to today!

Met up with an old friend of mine for a burger and of course some brew. This was at Texas Burger Co. in the Kista Shopping center. Naturally I went with a porter ;)

I took a trip to the local liquor store and got me some brew - today, from left to right:

- Nils Oscar's Rökporter
- Fuller's award winning Extra Special Bitter, the ESB
- D. Carnegie&Co.'s Carnegie Porter, call me mad but I thought it was brilliant with the burger!

I like porter B-)

Once I got home I tried out the ESB.. It was great!

stay brewski, till next time

söndag 29 augusti 2010

Here's a little teaser for you guys:

What I'm drinking at the moment

From left to right:

Mikkeller's Jackie Brown Ale

Zlatopramen Half'n'Half

Oppigårds Golden Ale

Absolute favourite out of the three being the Mikkeller - I'm a sucker for darker brew B-)
If you are fortunate enough to be able to pick up any of these though be sure to, they're all brilliant.

First post! 
I just started this blog, something I've wanted to do for a long time. I hope you guys'll enjoy it,
I don't have any pictures to share with you yet but stay tuned =)